Transform Your Marketing Department from a Cost Center to a Profit Center


Return-on-Investment is Critical

Marketing departments that transform their focus to profit-generating philosophies can dramatically increase their company’s return on marketing investment (ROMI) and employee satisfaction. According to findings identified by The Fournaise Marketing Group, 80 percent of CEOs do not trust marketers and are not impressed by their work. Why? “. . Read More



I develop ideas, programs and strategies that create value in the world.


I use some of the most cutting edge and proven methods to create this value. I just happen to do this through Marketing & Sales Strategy development and execution.

As my Twitter handle states - Online more than I'm offline. Husband and father. Geeky yet still socially well adjusted.


The corporate sounding version is here - Linkedin Profile 

Family - Father to 3 great kids and husband to a wonderful wife.


Cool Projects:

Led Sales and Marketing teams at a small startup to increase revenue growth by 300%+ within 18 months and supported positioning AVRS for a successful acquisition by CDK Global

Exciting social media project: Tweet-A-Cause with LeapFish and the Make-A Wish Foundation.  It allowed a little boy with a serious life-threatening illness to go to Disneyland with his family. We were able to generate thousands of tweets for the cause.

I also speak at various conferences such as;

PSMG; What's Next for the Future of Marketing; I was the lead keynote speaker on "Inbound Marketing Strategies"​ as well as "Marketing Automation"

SocialMediaToday.com Webinar; "Online Community Incentives"

The Innovation Summit; Creating an Innovative Ecosystem; that included speakers such as Jeremiah Owyang & Rooly Eliezerov

SocialBizWorld; I spoke on the subjects of “Online Collaboration” and “Creating a Marketing Strategy for the New Social Web” and I was on the conference Q&A panel.

Web Interactive Marketing Professionals; I spoke about "Content Marketing and Knowledge Graph SEO"


Bay Czech Professionals; I spoke about "Content Marketing and Knowledge Graph SEO"


Disclaimer (don't you love 'em?): I am currently working with various clients, however, all thoughts presented herein are my own and in no way reflect the views of those clients or employers.


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